This article covers tips and etiquette in text messaging for the every day user, but many of the points David makes are relevant to business text messaging as well. Enjoy!

Text Messaging Tips and Etiquettes

Text messaging or simply texting is a common term for short message services (SMS). These messages might be more or fewer than 160 characters, sent through a mobile phone or PDAs.

The popularity of text messaging has advantages and disadvantages. It is somehow abused, that it gave rise to some texting etiquettes.

Texting is like writing so it has a formal and informal approach. For officemates dealing with bosses or bosses dealing with clients or anything that is about business, it is best to call. If it is a text message, do it formally with the spellings and grammar intact. In other words, for formal text messages, avoid abbreviating.

It is very easy to spread lies in text messages. Some of these are very harmful, when the content is affecting the society. An example is spreading falsely that the pope is dead. When this message circulated, a lot of readers were greatly affected. Text users are therefore advised to be very responsible with the messages they send.

There is also a tendency to be tacky with text messages. Because it is easier to text than say the words out loud, people are bombarded with text messages even against their wishes to be left alone for a while. Therefore, as a matter of respect, learn to stop sending messages when asked to, especially in heated arguments or misunderstandings. Talking in person is still the best approach.

Also avoid using any vulgar words, phrases or terms. The person you’re sending it may be hurt by the way you talk to them on text and if you were in his or her place, you will feel the same. Moreover, give courtesy when replying to a texter when he or she had sent you a wrong message by mistake.

In social gatherings, avoid texting when in the middle of a conversation with someone or a group. It appears rude to not give them your full undivided attention. The same goes in classes or seminars. Keep your mobile phones while listening to a lecture.

The popularity of texting also brought forth a new etiquette rule when watching movies in the theaters. Moviegoers are advised to turn off their cellular phones or put them in silent mode to avoid distracting the audience when a new message or call comes in.

Keep your mobile phone in silent mode especially at night. An incoming message may disturb the sleep of people beside you. Remember that in the dead silence of the night, even the slightest sound is magnified.

Always remember that jokes are made to entertain and inspire people. We should not let jokes put people down and upset them. Make sure that if you forward a joke to other people, they will not get offended. It is a good thing to forward quotes once in a while to assure people that you are still here for them.

A healthy texting tip is to subscribe to a certain network that your family and friends also use. You can save a lot of money by doing this since there are lots of promos that are now available.

Lastly, do not text while driving. It is a very dangerous habit. Keep your eyes on the road when driving. There have been many reported incidents already of drivers figuring in accidents even because of just a few seconds of taking their eyes off the road while they attend to their cellular phones.

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