People often want to see the “proof” that something is worth doing and in business it makes even more sense. If you’re going to dive in, especially where a new technology or process is concerned, it helps to know that something is proven and will be used.

There’s a recent Mosio blog post called The Competitive Advantages of Mobile Text Messaging: Stats, Facts and Figures that lists some great reasons why businesses should care with one specific fact: Customers are texting more than they are talking on the phone. They text with friends, family and co-workers. Companies who implement text messaging capabilities into their service offerings, whether it is for customer service, market research, answering questions or taking orders have an immediate advantage over the competition. The key is to choose the right vendor, which is another post in and of itself.

We’ve listed a few facts below for you and you can see the rest by visiting the link above.

“44 percent of consumers surveyed said they would rather receive product information and other marketing messages through SMS campaigns than via any other channel.”
Direct Marketing Association, July 2008

Texting Is an Underutilized Customer Engagement Tool
– Article by 1to1 Media, Insight and Best Practices from the Customer Strategy Experts

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