Great article by Edward Burtle. The only thing we want to chime in with is the fact that text messaging is not just for youth groups. Texting is for everyone and consumers age 50 and over are the fastest growing text messaging group!

Churches Using SMS Text Messaging To Engage Youth Groups
by: Edward Burtle


The most apparent group that can be moved to become more involved in the church is the young church goers. As the church utilizes sending and receiving information via SMS text messaging it will teach the youngest members not only more about the church but it will create a feeling of community. This method of communication is second nature to today’s youth, so it will make it easier for them to connect with and discuss things with the older church members.

Churches are now trying to move in another direction to add younger church goers to their flocks. Churches are now sending out SMS text messages to get information out and to ask their congregation questions via text messaging. While some churches have never latched on to the computer age and never contemplated sending emails, some churches have already advanced past the email stage using text messages for churches.

Text messaging for churches is a new way to stay in touch with the congregation that is immediate and effective. A pastor can prepare his sermon by sending out a question to his congregation via text and uses their responses in his sermon. It is a way to keep the congregation involved in church, while at the same time keeping them engaged listening for a response they may have given. It is a great way to get the pastor and the congregation on the same page.

Mobile marketing companies are utilizing text message marketing all the time so why can’t churches get their share of pie? Churches can use the text message to increase attendance on Sunday or just ask their congregation what they would like to see that would improve their experience in church.

Older members of the congregation may see SMS text messages as invasive or too high tech. Even the older members of the congregation will soon understand that SMS text messages could change the face of the church experience forever. The possibilities can be endless by using SMS text messages for everything from daily devotionals, to activity updates, to ad hoc giveaways to keep the congregation involved.

Another positive aspect of text messaging for churches is the process of collections for church programs or charities. Text messages can be sent out reminding the congregation of a specific charity or possibly reminders to bring clothes for Goodwill or Toys for Tots. SMS text messages are personal, so it is a great way for churches to engage their parishioners at a higher level. You can find out more by searching for iziggus. Hope this article helps.


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