A cool update to a classic, using text messaging. The book was written by SMJ Crimp and illustrated by Arielle Jessop ($5.99 kindle edition on Amazon).

OMGoodness, LOL, Alice a direct descendent of the original wonderland character lives in New York and finds her own Wonderland in Central Park while wondering with her 303 (Mum). Little Alice then tells the tale in txt language to her BF who writes it down in her cell phone. Alice, who is NARK (not a rich kid) btw inherits her piano teachers West Side apartment and moves from the Bronx. She loves the Yankee’s, Juicy clothes, Dylan’s candy bar, and of course Alice’s T cup. This is a great story for anyone who loves to text and for kids of all ages. It is inspired by the genius of Lewis Carroll and is a must read for anyone who loves New York and the original Alice too!

Snippet from the Article:
“Alice’s Adventures in NYC Wonderland – The Text Generation” tells the story of “Little” Alice, a typical New York City teen who “luvs” her iPhone, “Fbook,” Harry Potter, Juicy Couture clothes and Dylan’s Candy Bar. She was born in the Bronx (like J.Lo + Sean P!), but moves to the Upper West Side. Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/20110913/midtown/author-rewrites-alice-wonderland-text-messages#ixzz1Xu0Bo7G3

Found on DNAInfo.com